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  1. Chelsea

    Pro DH racer Chelsea, in the Pinball section of the DH course.
  2. Mark Jordan - Semi-Pro DH

    Mark Jordan, one of the fellas responsible for Decline and Twenty-Six Magazine, hucking the big drop in the DH finals - without a chain.
  3. Expert Women's XC

    Name this expert woman! I can't see her number plate. But she deserves some credit because she's racing in the 2004 Expert US XC National Championship!
  4. Erika - Sycip

    The lovely Erika, from the Sycip team, finished 5th in her class in Saturday's Expert XC National final.
  5. Expert Short Track

    Timothy Barnes, suffering in the Men's Expert Masters short track finals.
  6. Mammoth Super D Nationals

    Near the middle of the Super D course, during the Mammoth USA National Championships. The altitude here was a little over 9,000 feet and people were suffering.
  7. Utopia Bikini Wash

    Genius - having scantily-clad girls wash bikes for tips at a mountain bike event. Whoever is in charge at Utopia definitely understands marketing.
  8. Mammoth Mountain Air

    Shaking the dirt off the wheels on the Sport / Beginner DH course, during Friday's practice.
  9. Chain Smoke Trail Entrance

    Best trail sign ever - top of the Chain Smoke DH trail, at Mammoth Mountain.
  10. Sport/Beginner DH

    Dropping in on the Sport / Beginner DH course, during Friday's DH practice.
1-10 of 10 Results