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  1. Weight Weenies
    I decided to do something a bit different then posting a bunch of pictures because I'm bored... I did miss a couple things (you might've noticed already), there's no front derailleur because I'm still waiting on the carbon clamp from SMUD. Hopefully it shows up this week. The front derailleur...
  2. Weight Weenies
    Carbon and Titanium rotors: 48g for 140mm, 55g for 160mm. 318 Euros at
  3. Weight Weenies
    It seems like every other forum out there has a "post your bike here" thread, and I enjoy nothing more than some weenied out bike porn! So, post up your light-weight rigs! Hard-tail, FS, Carbon, Ti, whatever! Try to include a weight along with some pictures to give us all something to get...
1-3 of 3 Results