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  1. General Discussion
    Every hand is different. That's why Magura has entered into a collaborative agreement with the cycling ergonomics specialist SQlab. The goal of the two companies is to achieve the best possible ergonomic and unique adjustment possibilities of Magura's MT brakes. And you could certainly apply...
  2. Brake Time
    What Is It The Hayes Dominion A4 is an all-new four-piston brake system designed for trail, enduro, downhill, or eBike use. The Dominion's master cylinder is factory tuned for the shortest dead stroke possible and a crisp bite point. The Dominion A4 caliper utilizes four pistons in what Hayes...
  3. General Discussion
    MAGURA has expanded and revised its product portfolio for model year 2019, presenting ergonomic improvements, new and revised products and a limited number of anniversary brakes. Here's a rundown. More Braking Power Now available in a new carbon version, the HC 1-finger carbon lever gives the...
1-3 of 3 Results