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  1. General Discussion
    Sea Otter Classic to Introduce a New Style of Exhibition Racing: "SRAM Dual Stunt" Redesigned Thule Adventure Challenge Intensifies Competition Slip and slide...right into the drink if your bike handling skills aren't up to snuff MONTEREY, Calif. (March 3, 2008)...
  2. General Discussion
    MONTEREY, Calif. With only months to go before BMX racing makes its much-anticipated debut at the Olympics, fans can get a live look at BMX racing at the Sea Otter Classic over the weekend of April 19-20. It comes as no surprise that the majority of Olympic hopefuls hail from California...
  3. pre dawn

    pre dawn. Monterey, Ca
  4. pre dawn

    pre dawn. Monterey, Ca
  5. monterey locale

    monterey locale
  6. Monterey locale

    monterey locale
  7. night shot

    Passing by on the wharf in Monterey
  8. Willow

    Look at that cute, innocent-looking face. And then check out those crusher legs. Holy moly! Willow Koerber lays down the law.
  9. Pure XC

    Pure XC. This pretty much sums it up.
  10. Mr. Sutton

    Here he is. The man responsible for making Sea Otter happen - Mr. Rick Sutton - during a press conference on Sunday evening. Thanks, Rick. It was absolutely the best Sea Otter, yet!
  11. Amateur XC

    Some day I hope to be riding like this guy.
  12. Sea Otter Beauty

    Enjoy the green. It's only like this for a couple months of the year. But it sure is wonderful when it is.
  13. Sea Otter Beauty

    Enjoy the green. It's only like this for a couple months of the year. But it sure is wonderful when it is.
  14. Good Marketing

    Soulcraft ladies during the pro/expert XC race.
  15. Mud Man

    This guy crashed in some at the very beginning of the pro/expert XC race.
  16. Alison Train

    Alison Dunlap, pulling the pro women's XC field, near the beginning of the seond lap. She ended up finishing third in this race.
  17. Ft. Ord, Ireland

    It's ridiculously lush, green, and flowery right now. Too bad the racers don't really get to appreciate the beauty, suffering as they are.
  18. Travis "Poacher" Brown

    I didn't even realize who this was until someone tipped me off, after the race. No number plate, black T-shirt, sans sideburns, under the radar, and way ahead of all the rest of the singlespeeds on his 29er rigid ss.
  19. Single Marla

    Not that kind of single, suckers. One f-ing gear!
  20. The New Pope!

    The new Pope, Pope On a Bike, was spotted during the amateur XC race at this year's Sea Otter. This confirms what many of us have known for a long time, the mountain bike is a gift from God and our sport truly is sacred and blessed.
1-20 of 36 Results