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  1. General Discussion
    So for the industry to keep running there's got to be a need for a better mouse trap or in this case a better Mtn bike. Has the industry finally out-biked itself? What are they going to try to convince us with next? And how about the rider, where does the rider come into this equation? We...
  2. Brake Time
    So i ride on a pretty low budget, and i have a Sram Guide in the front and a Sram Level in the back. in the back I'm running semi-metallic Avid Elixir pads with a Magura MDRC 203 mm rotor (i have the same rotor in the front), and for a Sram Level brake, it feels very good. However, i want a...
  3. Dropper Posts
    Hello everyone, I have an older model LEV, size 27.2x400 with 100mm of lift, which after many years of great service, is finally getting lazy. It rises pretty slow and sometimes needs a hand to get starting the rise. It also drops about an inch when I sit down on my saddle. I have contacted KS...
  4. My Girl & Her Journey 2

    2008-09 Project. I no longer have this bike. I have had a great time upgrading this once considered "budget bicycle". cost of completed modifications...priceless
1-4 of 4 Results