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  1. My son 2004 race

    This was a brutal race, the course was brutal, the wind, the 100++ temp. My son came in 5 and was blowing chunks.
  2. My son 2004 in Santa Veronica , Mex

    He wasnt feeling that good, but managed a 4 place not bad at all
  3. Tinker at the start of the 12 hour race

    The man can fly evan against 4 memeber teams, if you never seen him race you should try to go and see him. Remember that he is 46 too.
  4. Me first race of the year 2006

    I`m the one in blue, I was in great shape then, bamm I got sick a few times and all the work was gone.
  5. Tinker at my race

    Comming down the zig zag
1-5 of 5 Results