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  1. Evil Bikes
    Hey everyone, I am considering to take part in Megavalanche with evil insurgnet V1 size Large. I am a bit skeptic about the 27.5 wheels of the bike and in general i don't find insurrgent V1 as Fast bike(on straight line) which maintains speed like other Enduro racers like cube stereo or canyon...
  2. General Discussion
    Max Schumann Places 19th at Megavalanche Pic Blanc, Alp d`Huez in the french Alps is one of these magic places for MTB enthusiasts. SR SUNTOUR WERX team rider Max Schumann joined the legendary Megavalanche series for the 2nd time and there was no doubt that he wanted to finish as one of the Top...
  3. Sacred Valley - Urubamba, Peru

    breathing at 3400 meters. downhilling towards Urubamba-Peru.
  4. downhill towards the sacred valley

    Going downhill towards Urubamba-Peru with Loreto Tours leader Mateo. Awsome! 2 hour downhill trails.
1-4 of 6 Results