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  1. Wanted Parts and Accessories
    Looking for a pair of XC717, X517, M261, or 217s in 32H, silver or sunset. Will consider other good light 26" rims if they meet those criteria and are rim brake compatible. NOS/VGUC whatever doesnt matter just let me know whatcha got! :)
  2. Wanted Parts and Accessories
    Looking for a pair of Mavic X517 rims, 32 hole. PM me if you have these for sale. Preferably in the US since international shipping rates are really high these days. Thanks!
  3. Wheels and Tires
    What is it Designed for enduro racers, the Mavic Deemax Pro uses the French company's iconic Zicral aluminum spokes and an updated 28mm internal width, UST tubeless ready alloy rim that supports modern tire sizes and aggressive riding styles. Pros Stiff and responsive Deliver performance...
  4. Apparel and Protection
    If they're tough enough for Sam Hill... Highlighted by the new Deemax Pro wheelset that Sam Hill rode to the Enduro World Series overall title, Mavic's 2018 U.S. mountain bike range is an impressive collection. Here is an overview of select items from the line, which will be available at...
  5. General Discussion
    Developed for World Cup level downhill racing, the new wheels have already tasted victory underneath Australian Troy Brosnan, who took top honors in Andorra a few weeks back. A year after finally jumping into the carbon mountain bike wheel fray, Mavic is back with more new MTB hoops. But these...
  6. Apparel and Protection
    What is it As trail bikes become more capable, the natural result is riders who want to push further into remote, rugged terrain. For those types of riders, footwear must match the all-terrain capability of the bike they're riding. They have to be well padded and offer plenty of tread bite...
  7. Apparel and Protection
    Comfortable, durable, grippy and good looking, the Crossmax XL Pro checks all the boxes. What is it Tired of mountain bike shoes that are stiff as a steel i-beam with almost no tread for those inevitable hike-a-bikes? Designed with input from professional enduro riders Jerome Clementz and...
  8. General Discussion
    The famed French brand has made a hard push into the MTB world with wheels, shoes, helmets, and apparel. Though arguably best known for its road wheels and yellow neutral service cars at the Tour de France, France's Mavic has made a hard push into the mountain bike arena with an expansive...
  9. Apparel and Protection
    Clothes dont make the ride, but they can definitely mess it up. Photo courtesy Mavic Welcome to part 3 of the Mtbr mountain bike fashion show. This proverbial runway walk features clothing and gear from the likes of Kitsbow, Mavic, and Gore. Head here for part 1, which includes Pactimo, Pearl...
  10. Apparel and Protection
    Time for a little Friday fun. A few weekends back at the Enduro World Series stop in Aspen-Snowmass, Colorado, we spent most of our time shooting pictures of bikes. You can see those galleries here, here, here, and here. In between drooling over Graves' Specialized and Rude's Yeti, we also...
  11. Wheels and Tires
    As Mavic sees it, there are three primary types of riding: aggressive downhill/enduro, hard charging XC racing, and everything in between. These wheels are meant to occupy that middle ground (click to enlarge). Mavic is a lot of things. Trendsetter (or even trend chaser) is not one of them. The...
  12. General Discussion
    Contest ended. Congrats to Wade S. from Merrimack, N.H.!
  13. General Discussion
    These updated alloy XC wheels now come in 27.5 and 29er versions, with or without boost. It's been a busy first quarter of 2016 for Mavic. First parent company Amer Sports bought U.S. based carbon wheel maker ENVE. Then the famed French cycling company released a new line-up of carbon clincher...
  14. General Discussion
    Starting this year, Mavic will join the massive Leadville 100 peloton, providing on course support (click to enlarge). The prospect of finishing (or even just starting) the Leadville Trail 100 cross-country mountain bike race just got a little less daunting. Starting this year, participants in...
  15. Enduro Racing
    Roll your eyes if you must, but enduro (both the race format, and the idea in general) has had a significant influence on bike, gear, and apparel design. No longer are we forced to choose between uphill efficiency and downhill fun. Modern mountain bike products do it all - and many do it all...
  16. Wheels and Tires
    No. 1 component upgrade? A set of shiny new wheels. Lighter, faster and stronger are all potential gains when you swap out your old hoops. And what better time to do so than around the holidays. So whether you're buying for a significant other - or just sprucing up your own rig, here are eight...
  17. Video, Photography, and POV Cameras
    Racing wraps at the world's most famous multi-day enduro (click to enlarge). Mavic Trans-Provence 2015 Day 6 - Sospel to Menton Distance: 23.9 miles Elevation Gain: 4518 feet Elevation Loss: 7343 feet Day 6 results: Click here Final overall standings: Click here
  18. Video, Photography, and POV Cameras
    Another 13,000 feet of descending in the French Alps (click to enlarge). Mavic Trans-Provence 2015 Day 5 - Valdeblore to Sospel Distance: 39 miles Elevation Gain: 4531 feet Elevation Loss: 13,225 feet Day 5 results: Click here Overall standings: Click here
  19. Video, Photography, and POV Cameras
    The fourth day of this multi-day enduro was all about tacky red dirt riding (click to enlarge). Mavic Trans-Provence 2015 Day 4 - Valdeblore to Sospel Distance: 20.6 miles Elevation Gain: 2844 feet Elevation Loss: 9521 feet Day 4 results: Click here Overall standings after Day 4: Click here
  20. Video, Photography, and POV Cameras
    Day 3 packs a powerful punch with 10,528 feet of descending (click to enlarge). Mavic Trans-Provence 2015 Day 3 - Villars-Colmars to Valberg Distance: 31.4 miles Elevation Gain: 6302 feet Elevation Loss: 10,528 feet Day 3 results: Click here Overall standings: Click here
1-20 of 58 Results