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  1. Maverick
    Hi fellow Maverick fans, I am looking to gauge interest on a possible new upgrade. A friend of mine( also a Maverick owner) has broken a few pivot bolts on his ML 7.5. He works in the tooling industry as is using some connections to make stronger bolts. Wondering how many other people are...
  2. General Discussion
    ASHEVILLE, NC ‐‐ Now in the third year of business, Suspension Experts, Inc. added new staff to offer expanded service options throughout the United States and internationally. Based in Asheville, NC, Suspension Experts, Inc. (S∙Ex ) specializes in custom repair, tuning, and service of mountain...
  3. Maverick carbon DUC 36!

    full carbon uppers 36mm
  4. Maverick Matic 5"
  5. Maverick ML8 6.5"
  6. Maverick Durance 5.5"
  7. Maverick adjustable stem

    coming from Maverick is two versions of a stem to give adustability to their fork owners. The short stem offers 75, 85, 95mm. The long stem offers 100, 110, 120mm.
  8. Maverick ML75 detail

    rear shock body now welded to triangle ala ML8 to save weight.
  9. Maverick Speedball slider seatpost

    Maverick's new adjustable seatpost. Reach under the nose and grab the lever to adjust up or down, just like your office chair. Smoove. MSRP $220.
  10. new Maverick ML75

    5 inch travel and lighter than ML7.
  11. VT1 with Maverick

    Close to 6" travel front and rear. 28.7 lbs with big 2.35" tires on.
  12. Maverick ML8

    6.5" travel Maverick new for '05
  13. New Maverick

    Alan (kafin8ed), the editor of Mountain Biking magazine, at work taking pictures of Maverick's new rig.
  14. Maverick ML8

    6.5" rear travel Maverick with same fork as previous ML7.
  15. Maverick ML8 6.5"

    detail of ML8 with 6.5" rear travel. $2200 for frame/shock. Many raves!
  16. Maverick SC 32 fork

    inverted single crown fork. adjustable 80-120mm
  17. Maverick SC-32 single crown fork

    Maverick's single crown 80-120mm fork. $575. Takes Maverick 24mm front hub ($120).
1-17 of 17 Results