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  1. General Discussion
    April 1, 2011 After careful consideration, Dirt Legend and all-around MTB Goddess is returning to top level racing. Marla will announce her 2011 Race and Event schedule after coaching a BetterRide skills Camp in Baltimore May 20-22nd and is open exclusively to all male and female riders who...
  2. General Discussion
    National, World, and X Games Champion Marla Streb to coach BetterRide Women's Only Mountain Bike Skills Camp Gene Hamilton's BetterRide is teaming up with Marla Streb to offer a comprehensive 3 day bike skills progression designed to provide women of all levels a foundation of core skills...
  3. General Discussion
    How about a mountain bike skills camp in Costa Rica with Marla Streb? The very pregnant Luna X-Racer and her team of Pro riders have been plugging away with their machetes in the jungle, building trails and stunts. Trip dates start in June. Streb's adventurous camp is all-inclusive, so...
  4. Marla Streb

    Marla on the podium for Super D.
  5. Marla Streb

    Marla on her winning run.
  6. Marla

    Marla, always a crowd favorite, looking through the corner, during Saturday's dual slalom finals.
1-9 of 10 Results