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  1. XC racing and Endurance
    EDIT - June 2022; Completed 50 (51 miles) EDIT I am not ready for 49 miles and that’s ok.EDIT Saturday epic ride (49 miles) is ten days away. I was riding 2-4 times a week November thru December. Then I got COVID and a stretch of really bad weather—4 weeks layoff. I did a 11 mile ride on...
  2. General Discussion
    At 1,558 feet, Black Mountain looms like a beacon of pain and suffering over North County San Diego, welcoming anyone who dares climb it with anaerobia and inevitable moments of self-doubt, especially after you've already been in the saddle for upwards of eight hours. Racers & Chasers - a local...
  3. 29er Bikes
    2012 Norco Product Launch Whistler, British Columbia 18-20 July 2011 29er Marathon 2012 Norco Revolver Hot on the heels of last year's well-regarded Shinobi comes the 2012 Norco Revolver, a trail-focused ride that features 100mm of front and rear travel. Intended for riders who love pounding...
  4. XC racing and Endurance
    Hey there! Who else is doing the Leadville Qualifier at Northstar in a couple weeks? My first marathon race with two 33ish mile laps! I've done a couple 8 hour races and was on a 4-man team for a 24 hour but I'm sure this will be a little harder with the high altitude :) Anyways, my intention...
  5. XC racing and Endurance
    I was preparing for an XCO event but it was canceled so I will be racing an XCM event instead. This will be my first XCM race and would like to know about the average HR you guys have on XCM races of around 50 miles. My LT was 176 before I began my training 4 months ago (I don't know now, but I...
  6. NOVA Podium

    NOVA NMBS Marathon Podium 30-39 expert
  7. 2006 Marzocchi Marathon Race

    The 2006 Marzocchi Marathon Race - top-of-the-line 80mm Doppio Air System XC fork. The 2006 Marathon Race uses the 5-position TST adjuster to control compression damping and lock-up. It has an all new, CNC-machined crown and new Magnesium Monolite lowers, as well as a new, bar-mounted lock-up button
  8. 2006 Marathon Race

    The 2006 Marzocchi Marathon Race - top of the line XC fork.
1-8 of 8 Results