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  1. Picnic Spots

    This is just past one of the Cypresswood Rd. bridges, couple of spots could make a great picnic spot. And if you plan on riding the WHOLE length, plan on bringing a lunch:)
  2. Main Trail

    Besides the technical breakouts, the trail mostly looks like this when you get closer to the bridges.
  3. Creekside 2

    I only took pics with my phone when I stopped for a quick breather. Lot's of nice views of the creek, and LOTS of technical drops!
  4. Creekside

    Some parts of the trail that follow the creek bed take you awfully close to a straight drop! Nothing scary, there is plenty of room to steer clear of it, but at least it gives you the option to get a little risky (or stupid)!
  5. Technical Entrances

    This shot is one of MANY entrances into technical tracks off of the main trail that follows the creek. They all go fairly deep in with a bunch of drops, but they always spit you back out on the main trail.
1-5 of 5 Results