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  1. General Discussion
    Mammoth Mountain Bike Park now open With some of the most radical terrain in the country, 80+ miles of singletrack offering plenty of jumps, berms, and drops to feast on. Offering a beginner-friendly Discovery Zone is the best place to learn and is specifically designed to make progression...
  2. General Discussion
    Aaron Gwin getting it done at the 2018 Kamikaze Bike Games. The 2018 Kamikaze Bike Games at Mammoth Mountain went down last weekend in California and look who showed up for a little racing. The one and only Aaron Gwin got in a little late season competition, taking the win in the Men's Pro GRT...
  3. General Discussion
    Clean your goggles and get your lift passes! The summer shred time is upon us and so begins the bike park season. Clean your goggles and get your lift passes, because Snow Summit and Mammoth Bike Park will be ready to roll this Friday, May 26th. Snow Summit Bike Park Snow Summit Bike Park...
  4. Video, Photography, and POV Cameras
    After several years of drought, California received one of the biggest snow years in documented history. As a result, many of the state's best mountain bike trails are still under snow. But not Mammoth Mountain (sort of). Yes, they're still running lifts for skiers, but are also making a big...
  5. Video, Photography, and POV Cameras
    The winter months usually mean fluffy white stuff in the high country, but recent years have been less kind to snow enthusiasts. In many regions, resorts large and small have been forced to create man-made snow or shutter their doors due to poor snowfall. As a result, many ski resorts have...
  6. General Discussion
    (all photos courtesy of Mammoth Mountain Bike Park) Mammoth Mountain Bike Park - Pumice Riders Unite Pumice is a solidified piece of frothy lava that's formed through rapid cooling and depressurization, usually right after it's violently ejected from a volcanic explosion. And if you aren't...
  7. Mark Weir - Super D

    Classic Weir face in the middle of Super D course.
  8. Jeff Evans

    KHS downhill pro, Jeff Evans, in the Pinball section of the pro / semi pro dh course.
  9. Anthony

    Anthony from Fox, the man responsible for your super plush - yet pleasantly tight - rear end. Thanks, Antman. Oh yeah, this was taken on the Super D.
  10. Alison Dunlap - Super D

    Alison Dunlap branching out a little on the Super D. She wasn't messing around. When I took this picture she was seriously hauling ass. Fast enough to take second place in the Super D, right after Marla Streb, making it a 1-2 for the Luna team.
  11. Low Budget Hucker

    Sean's gonna have to quit the LBR team cause he sure ain't rolling this drop, during the semi-pro dh race.
  12. Horror Show

    This photo is downright scary. I didn't even notice how thrashed this guy was until I looked at the photos, later. He was a trooper, though - look at the smile. This was near the middle of the course in the Super D race.
  13. TimmAaiiiiiih!

    Timmy C. team owner, in the expert XC race.
  14. Amber Throop - Sport Junior

    Richie Nova Junior team member, Amber Throop, during Sunday's short track national finals.
  15. Vela Bella - Kim Heiser

    One of the Velo Bella lovelies, Kim Heiser, in Saturday's expert XC race.
  16. Pinned

    On the gas in a flat out straight on the 2004 Mammoth pro/semi-pro DH course.
  17. Nice Ass!

    Errr, I mean Burro. A girl and her Burro bike in the Super D race.
1-17 of 17 Results