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  1. Maah Daah Hey

    The trail crew taking a break in the shade of the sag van. Gee its nice of us to make Lane stand in the hot sun ;-).
  2. Maah Daah Hey

    Nice photo that gives you an idea what parts of the trail looks like. Gee looking at this photo reminds me just how pretty a trail it is. :-) Mabye we should return next summer and ride it agian??????
  3. Maah Daah Hey

    Some of the more dated vegetation found along the trail. ;-) Man this trail has petrified logs, stumps, leaves and veins of coal which can be seen all along it.
  4. Maah Daah Hey

    Dick and Heidi climbing to meet us
  5. Devils pass

    We didn’t take this photo but it’s looking back at the pass after the riders had crossed it. Might give you a idea just how a BIG this country is!
  6. Maah Daah Hey

    Ice cave exploring. Yes that's ice behind Dan.
  7. Maah Daah Hey

    Joe arrives! Sandy holds the gate open for him.
  8. Maah Daah Hey (see details for more info)

    It can't bee seen in the photo but this climb was quite steep. This trail was built to IMBA standards but as trail builders know sometimes you just can't.
  9. Maah Daah Hey

    We drank water from this tanks fill pipe since we were running out and some of us were farm boys. It tasted terrible with sulfur as much of the water in the area does. We lived.
  10. Maah Daah Hey

    Dave looks cool but he's really grunting! "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can"
  11. Maah Daah Hey (see details for more info)

    Over looking the Little Missouri River in the distance. Wow big valleys with little humidity one can see for miles and miles.
  12. Maah Daah Hey

    Watching a fellow rider descend the Devils Pass
  13. Maah Daah Hey

    This is the style of gate used here. Whoever got to a gate 1st would hold it open for the riders immediately following. You'll see LOTS of these on the trail!
  14. Maah Daah Hey

    Test riding the trail near the Storm ranch. This was the 1st time we'd seen or been on the Maah Daah Hey trail.
1-20 of 63 Results