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  1. Vacations & Destinations
    Editor's Note: Jordan Carr and co-author and photographer Leilani Bruntz spent the last year traveling the country spreading the gospel of mountain biking as the Subaru-IMBA Trail Care Crew. Along the way they got to explore some of the country's best riding locales, and then share them with you...
  2. Kathy Pruitt

    Jamis pro downhill racer, Kathy Pruitt. Kathy took third in the world finals this year.
  3. Yeehaw Drunks

    Bunch o cowdrunks hanging out at the Dirt Rag booth and drinking their free booze.
  4. sunnyracergirl and dhs

    Mtbr community members, sunnyracergirl and dhs, at the SRAM XX bike giveaway.
  5. Hollywood

    International bike nerd and Mtbr community star, Hollywood.
  6. Evening Air

    End of the end of the 2004 Interbike Outdoor Demo, at Bootleg Canyon. I don't remember which rider this was. Sorry. Maybe someone else can name him for me.
  7. Kyle Ebbet Rocks Bootleg

    Kyle Ebbet getting horizontal during a post Outdoor Demo session at the Bootleg Canyon dirt jumps.
  8. Cheerleaders

    I'm not really sure what they were cheering for, but these young ladies were walking the floor and showing some spirit.
  9. Cedric Gracia

    Cedric shows up at the show after a Vegas all-nighter.
  10. Wingnut Hydration Packs

    Wingnut Hydration packs are made to ride lower so that the weight is supported by your hips and the bike rather than your back and shoulders. They're being used by endurance racers and are lighter than other hydration packs I've felt. They're made out of super-light and strong sail cloth. Right now
  11. Sportlegs

    Sportlegs help your body process lactic acid. I tried them for the first time this weekend and they definitely made a difference in the way I felt while I rode multiple loops at the Outdoor Demo.
  12. Cameron McCaul

    Cam, throwing up one of his perfect indian airs, as the sun gets low at the end of the Outdoor Demo.
  13. Bootleg Canyon - Poopshoot

    KHS pro, Eric Rasmussen, in the Poopshoot, at Bootleg Canyon in Boulder City, NV.
  14. Bootleg Switchbacks

    The local KHS boys on the the switchbacks at the top of Snakeback trail - Bootleg Canyon, Boulder City, Nevada.
1-15 of 15 Results