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  1. Apparel and Protection
    What is it New for 2017, the MX332 is Lake's no-holds-barred cross-country race shoe. It features Lake's MX Race last that has a slightly narrower toebox and tighter heel than their Competition last, and less overall volume than the Sport last. Thus, it's designed for a slimmer fit and most...
  2. Apparel and Protection
    It might be March, but don't tell that to all those half-frozen humans living in the Midwest and East Coast, where it's been one of the worst winters on record. For many, riding outside in subzero conditions is absolutely out of the question. But for those few lunatics who have to get their fix...
  3. Lake Shoes with Vibram Sole

    I want some of these suckers. If you're a DH, SS, or endurance rider, and you're walking a fair amount, a Vibram sole has got to rule. I know Lake sponsors some serious endurance racers and they love their shoes. According to the catalog, Lake makes 3 shoe with a Vibram sole. The MX 220 is the middl
1-9 of 10 Results