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  1. Azul Helmets Babes

    A couple of lovely ladies, showing off an interesting helmet concept by Azul Helmets. They make helmets with interchangeable hat-like covers so you don't have to look like you're wearing a helmet. The also make traditional cross country mountain bike helmets for those of you who don't need to wear a
  2. Eldora XC Pro Ladies

    Pro Women
  3. Good Marketing

    Soulcraft ladies during the pro/expert XC race.
  4. Alison Train

    Alison Dunlap, pulling the pro women's XC field, near the beginning of the seond lap. She ended up finishing third in this race.
  5. Bike Testing

    Some of the locals test out some Yuba Expeditions rental bikes, in Downieville.
  6. The Sock

    Penny "The Sock", aka Mrs. Slartibartifest, hustling it up Hurl Hill, on Sunday morning.
1-6 of 6 Results