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  1. For Sale Klein Bikes

    Vintage Bike
    Would love to see these bikes go to good owner. They are both pretty large. The Rascal is a 21.5" and the Quantum II is a 63cm. The could both use a little TLC (new bar tape, new tires, new tubes), but the otherwise they are both in good shape. Would prefer to sell locally.
    $1,600 USD
  2. For Sale
    Hello there! I'm trying to sell a 1997 Klein Mantra Race and was wondering what its value would be in a hot market, namely the DC-area. The components were originally a mix of Shimano Deore LX and XT, but it was upgraded to full XT, including hubs. The bars were probably upgraded a long time...
  3. Vintage, Retro, Classic
    De-clutter mode: Turner Flux ~ year 2000 about. broke frame. Dumpster it or find value someplace? Klein Adroit - older than the Turner. Dumpster or not dumpster it. Wish I had kept the original rigid front fork - then I would fix it up and keep it. Trek 8000 - around 1993 give or take a...
  4. Vintage, Retro, Classic
    Hello everyone. I'm an ex mountain biker.. injuries led me to the road. Finally I'm at the point of getting a new hybrid since I occasionally ride on tame paths. My wife has an old well ridden Klein Attitude Comp that looks to be from the pre-trek era. She believes it was purchased in 1998. It...
  5. 24.9 pound klein xc race bike

    my klein race hard tail
  6. 98 Custom Klein Mantra

    Bought as a frame 14/2/98 and built to this over the years,with Fox RP3 shock and F80RLT forks
  7. My Klein Siler falls 12-12-04

    A wet mess at the falls. But had a killer ride
  8. My Klein Before Shot

    Before the upgrade. I love this bike!!!!!
  9. Klein Mantra Pro Race

    One of a Klein! Carbon Fiber-Klein custom painted and built this for me... too big so know it's a fuselage hanging on my wall as "Bike Art" Full XTR 1-1/4" reduced to 1-1/8" X-Fly Marzochi Fox Vanilla Float rear 4" Bontrager Race Lite Chris King Hubs-Race Lite Cranks- Carbon Fiber Monkey Lite Riser
  10. VIII 2004

1-11 of 11 Results