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  1. Dropper Posts
    Hello everyone, I have an older model LEV, size 27.2x400 with 100mm of lift, which after many years of great service, is finally getting lazy. It rises pretty slow and sometimes needs a hand to get starting the rise. It also drops about an inch when I sit down on my saddle. I have contacted KS...
  2. Misc Components
    Editor's Note: This article is courtesy of the team at Art's Cyclery. The original post can be found here. So you just brought home a KS LEV Integra dropper post, and now it's time to do the install. As you've probably guessed, it's a bit more involved than dealing with an externally routed...
  3. Misc Components
    Zzzzzitt, zzzzzitt (not thunk, thunk) is the sound of the new KS LEV Circuit electric and wireless dropper post. Depending on who you ask it may or may not represent the future of getting your saddle out of the way on rowdy descents. The reason for the qualifier is simply this: The trend in...
1-7 of 8 Results