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  1. Eastern Canada
    Finally met up with veteran_youth and one of his friends today and took them on a tour of my local creek trails. I can't believe they rode all the way here from downtown and then all the way back after the ride. I was tired by the time I got home and I live 5 minutes from the trails. Anyway...
  2. Eastern Canada
    Decided to take a weekend off from racing and do some good training / fun riding during my stay at Blue with my family... Plan was to do some climbing and safe descending, if possible off road. I remembered from a couple of years ago that one of the trails just by the Scenic Caves road - Embryo...
  3. Eastern Canada
    Does anyone have an up to date map of the trails at Albion Hills? It seems the map they hand out at the gatehouse is out dated to say the least. I rode the recent 24 hour course so I missed the greater majority of singletrack and I want to return for a much longer ride with a group of friends...
  4. Eastern Canada
    And we're on! Pre-reg night is April 26th. That's scarcely a month left of elbow sharpening! :D More details here if you dare, cupcake! :)
1-4 of 4 Results