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  1. 29er Hardtail Bike
    2010 Surly Karate Monkey - 18” There is a dent under the leather top tube protector. It was from someone putting their bike on top of this one at a bike in Chicago. Frame integrity is still 100%. For sale is my trusty Karate Monkey mountain bike. I had it powdered coated this nice sparkly...
    $900 USD
  2. Surly
    I'm trying to avoid buying a fat bike this winter, but want to keep riding trails. Any thoughts on whether or not I'll be able to fit some 3.5" tires on a 2017 Surly Karate Monkey? Perhaps the Panaracer Fat B Nimble? I found a thread floating around somewhere that suggests it may be possible but...
  3. Monkey Jumpin'

    Sun came out on a March day. Playing around at Avalon in Patapsco State Park. Riding with the On One Midge bars. Pic by Mugg.
  4. 04 Karate Monkey

    Full rigid Karate Monkey came in at 24.03 lbs! Sweet.
  5. Surly 29er

    Surly Karate Monkey 29er with a surly, cigarette smoking princess in the background.
1-6 of 6 Results