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  1. Video, Photography, and POV Cameras
    I am trying to find someone who has this. Unfortunately, the 31.8 mm version is too small. Thanks, John MacMillan Toronto
  2. Video, Photography, and POV Cameras
    The holidays can be awkward enough without being subjected to crappy POV footage of your family's outdoor adventures. Help stop the creation of bad video by giving the budding Scorsese in your life one of these great gifts. Sony Action Cam Mini While the newest Sony Action Cam is Mini, it...
  3. General Discussion
    The K-Edge stem mounts for the Garmin Edge computers attach onto the bike's steerer, and come in two versions, a fixed and an adjustable model. This design with computer up over the top of the stem protects it from getting damaged and abused, while still providing a good viewpoint. K-Edge...
  4. Misc Components
    K-EDGE started their endeavors with Kristin Armstrong's Chain Catcher at the 2008 Olympics (Gold individual time trial in 2008 and 2012), and they have since added more catchers and camera mounts. Their latest product is an aluminum bike computer mount for Garmin's Edge series, and the anodized...
  5. General Discussion
    PON brings Focus to DealerCamp Retail buyers in the market for a new brand for their floor can now add Focus to their shopping list for DealerCamp. Focus will join sister marque Cervelo Cycles, which has has just become a member of the PON family of companies. The Dutch company PON Holdings...
  6. General Discussion
    K-EDGE Computer Mount for Garmin K-EDGE announced the release of their latest cycling upgrade product, a professional grade Garmin Computer Mount. This new beefy all aluminum mount, which is meant for the newer Garmin Edge GPS bike computers, was first spotted at the recent Tour de Suisse, and...
1-6 of 7 Results