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  1. For Sale Jones Plus LWB

    For Sale
    Jones Plus LWB Originally purchased for bikepacking. Worked flawlessly. Took on many trips along the Colorado Trail and trips like Kokopelli. The Jones geometry kook-aid is a real thing. This rigid machine is very capable. Yes. I found it comfortable on the chunk that is the Colorado Trail...
    $4,000 USD
  2. 29er Bikes
    To say that Jeff Jones has a lot of fans on Mtbr is an understatement. His bikes, his brand and even the man himself have a cult-like following in our forums. Jones has been building for over 11 years and his distinctive Spaceframe and Truss fork designs are his signature. So, it was with...
  3. General Discussion
    A Fatbike, in simple terms, is a hardtail mountain bike with super wide tires. These bikes are used in snow or sand, but an ever increasing number of mountain bikers are using them on their local dirt trails. The biggest benefit is increased traction (wider tires, lower pressure). The...
  4. 29er Bikes
    Here's the ad: Jones curved Ti bar and stuff. Los
1-5 of 5 Results