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  1. Downhill - Freeride
    I was hearing a clicking noise with my marzocchi roco tst r and i was wondering if it was my mounting hardware which was making the problem. I was using fox hardware from my dhx air that I was told would fit just fine in a roco. Is this a problem with my rear shock or iis it just a problem with...
  2. Downhill - Freeride
    I have an e thirteen lg1+ chaingide that i want to put on an iron horse six point. It used to have two chainrings and a bash guard so there are mounts. Will this chaingude still work here? I was goin to use the 36 tooth ring that came on it.
  3. Six Point!

    My new park bike!
  4. new Iron Horse 7 Point
1-4 of 4 Results