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  1. Beginner's Corner
    I just recently got a iron horse azure, threw a few upgrades on it and went for a ride. unfortunately, my fork leakes to flat in about 2 hours. It is a manitou splice air100. Should i rebuild or buy new?
  2. Beginner's Corner
    Hello, I'm ready to step up to a more versatile bike and wanted to get some opinions from those who are familiar with this bike that I'm considering to before investing a lot more $$ till I get well conditioned. I've ridden hardtails for over a couple of years and think I like this one that has...
  3. Trail Riding
    I have a iron horse quantum ii and Ive had her since 08 i found a thread about the components (see end). Little background I let my girl friend ride the bike to work and back home she abused it... meaning let it sit outside in the rain and sun etc etc. and to make it worse she was hit while...
  4. Custom IH 7point

    Roco TST R with Ti 250# (& 325# to set up firmer) Totem Solo Air 1.5 w/ Cane Creek Double X Thompson X4 1.5 stem SIC Race bar/ Camodized X9 shifters '07 Thompson Elite SP Dabomb Danket saddle Bontrager King Earl wheels Kenda Nevegal 2.5 folding w/ Stans kit Black Spire Stinger CG Xpedo MX3 peda
  5. Iron Horse OP

    Warrior Alloy Frame SRAM sx 4 Rock Shox J1 Truvitav Crank 42/34/24T Shimano CS-HG30 11-32T 8 speed Tektro IO Mechanical Discs
  6. Molas Pass 2005 Iron Horse

    Yep. almost all the climbing was done!
  7. 2005 Iron Horse dw-link Sunday WC

    A very fast and very light dw-link DH race bike.
1-8 of 8 Results