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  1. New Maverick

    New Maverick

    Alan (kafin8ed), the editor of Mountain Biking magazine, at work taking pictures of Maverick's new rig.
  2. She's Hot

    She's Hot

    This Kinesys girl was hot. No really - she was hot.
  3. Kinesys Sunscreen

    Kinesys Sunscreen

    The Kinesys people had a booth where they'd spray you down with sunscreen. I still got burned. It's not their fault, though. There was just too much sun.
  4. Emergen-C


    I love Emergen-C. I have a box at home and now I have a bunch to get me through Interbike. Emergen-C keeps me going when I'm buring the candle at both ends. The had samples to try at the Outdoor Demo and a bin for people to grab some to go.
  5. Surly 29er

    Surly 29er

    Surly Karate Monkey 29er with a surly, cigarette smoking princess in the background.
  6. Giant Maestro

    Giant Maestro

    The new Giant Maestro suspension linkage on the 6 inch Reign trailbike.