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  1. Full Suspension Bike
    Intense Spider 27.5 size Medium. Carbon frame, Fox 34 fork with Avalanche oil bath cartridge, Avalanche tune on Fox rear shock, Onyx hubs front and rear, Derby AM 35i carbon rims front and rear, SRAM Guide Ultimate brakes, SRAM XO rear derailleur, new XX1 cassette and chain, Absolute Black oval...
    $3,500 USD
  2. Full Suspension Bike
    2020 Intense Primer S 279 Carbon Size M Price firm This bike has only been ridden for about 1 full season and everything is in great condition. Just got a new rear tire with Cush core front/rear, along with a fork service. I also have an Ohlin's coil that has about a half season on it. (I’m...
    $3,499 USD
  3. Intense
    Ok, I picked up a 2020 Primer 275 near the end of last season. If I had to guess it has somewhere between 150 and 200 miles on it. The last few rides I have noticed the drive side crank arm rubs the chainstay when really putting some power down, primarily when pushing hard uphill. Today I...
  4. Uzzi SL

  5. Uzzi SL

  6. Uzzi SL

  7. Intense M6 detail
  8. 07 "works" Intense Uzzi VPX

    2007 Uzzi VPX works finish, DHX5, Totem Coil.
  9. Intense 29er

  10. Intense 29er

  11. Intense 29er

  12. Intense 29er

  13. Intense 29er

  14. Intense 29er

  15. Intense 29er

  16. Intense 29er

  17. Intense 29er

    Tire clearance with 2.0 tire
1-20 of 26 Results