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  1. IMGP0691

    Quite esthetically pleasing
  2. IMGP0685

    2006 Ibis Silk Road Carbon
  3. IMGP0674

    2006 Ibis Silk Road Carbon
  4. IMGP0675

    DuraAce 20 speed groupo
  5. IMGP0681

    I wish it were always this clean
  6. IMGP0689

    Arundel Dave-O carbon cages, nice match in finish, light and very tough
  7. IMGP0686

    2006 Ibis Silk Road Carbon
  8. IMGP0676

    Cockpit: FSA 140 alu/carbon Stem, FSA K Force Carbon bar, Deda padded tape, Dura Ace Brake/Shift levers, 20 speed
1-8 of 8 Results