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  1. Brake Time
    Something i've been thinking about is for sram to make a mtb axs brake. would that be a good idea?
  2. Brake Time
    I bought a set of Shimano GRX 600's that apparently came with something called a J-kit, this is the first time I've seen this. Can anyone who has used this give me some info? Also, what kind of spare parts do I need if I need to buy new barbs/olives for a new hose for the lever/j-kit side? So...
  3. Brake Time
    I don’t know if that’s what you would call it but an issue with the brake lever. About 4 days ago I threw my bike on top of my car and headed to some trails (kind of rack where front wheel must be removed), when I got the bike off and back together the front brake lever was much tighter then the...
  4. Brake Time
    Shimano hydraulic disc brakes can now be added to any 11-speed group ‏Shimano has announced the release of their first hydraulic road disc brake system for use with mechanical shifters, the ST-RS685 levers and BR-RS785 calipers. Though not part of a component group, the Ultegra-grade levers and...
  5. Brake Time
    hey all, I need a disc brakeset to use on a 3700 (2009 model) frame from which I am building a bike from scratch. I will need it to withstand some semi- serious xc singletrack (maybe some rock gardens, definitely roots and front wheel juddering up & down. Mechanical or hydraulic is fine (I've...
  6. 29er Bikes
    Christophe, the engineer from Acros, shows us the new hydraulic shifting system at Bike Press Camp. [youtube width="640" height="385"]httpv:// Acros Hydraulic Shifting System Hydraulic operated "Push Push" system - no spring for downshifting in front and...
  7. Brake Time
    Hey folks, So I've been riding a pair of Hayes Ryde hydraulic 160mm for the past 3 months or so and I've noticed that the braking power has faded quite a bit, even after having them bled and had the pads changed. Also, the power is on and off, one minute I'll be riding and their decently...
  8. Brake Time
    Hi all - I recently built up a new ride. It's my first run-around with hydraulic discs - sram XX to be precise. The front brake is mounted via post to a reba fork, and is running a 160mm rotor. I followed setup and bed-in procedures listed in the brake manual, as well as watched a number of...
  9. General Discussion
    Reviewed by Brian Mullin When I first saw the Magura Marta FR at 2010 Interbike, I thought that they were a re-designed version of the Marta series, but in reality, it's just a cosmetic change of the normal Marta, which is fine, since the line has an incredible...
  10. Broken brake

    this is what happens when some one goes into your lane and goes head to head with another bike on spring creek trail
  11. Broken brake

    this is what happens when some one goes into your lane and goes head to head with another bike on spring creek trail
1-12 of 12 Results