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  1. SS Paul

    Mtbr big cheese, the SS Paul, powering it up Hurl Hill during Sunday morning's singlespeed race.

    Singlespeeder, muscling it up Hurl Hill.
  3. Francois

    Francis Cebedo, our fearless leader, chose 2:1 gearing for the singlespeed race, and committed to pushing up Hurl Hill. But he ain't messing around here, even though he's not pedaling.
  4. Ogle

    Josh Ogle, evil genius, and the man behind Jericho Bikes, getting his singlespeed to the top of Hurl Hill. Where's your number plate, Josh?
  5. The Sock

    Penny "The Sock", aka Mrs. Slartibartifest, hustling it up Hurl Hill, on Sunday morning.
  6. Singlespeed Girl

    Everybody sing along:Singlespeed girl, pushing it up Hurl Hill, isn't she pretty, with her rigid fork and and big smile.Thank you. Good night!
  7. Little Guy

    Young champ, making Hurl Hill look easy. The bike probably weighs almost as much as he does and he just spun his way up to the top of the hill without ever looking like he was struggling. This little guy is awesome!
  8. Mrs. Biagini

    Kimmy, trying to keep the front wheel down, on Hurl Hill. I think she finished in the top 20 in her class.
  9. Frank!

    Frank, from Fox Shox and Team Wrong Way, hustling up Hurl Hill, making the suckers hurt!
1-9 of 9 Results