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  1. Bikepacking and Bike Expedition
    27.03.23 THE SURVEY IS OVER! Thank you for your answers ;) 15.03.23 Hello everyone, Please take 5 minutes to answer this quick survey: Click here It would be a great help for a designer team of students working on a bikepacking gear.
  2. Apparel and Protection
    Hi, I have a 2011 trek mtb - 26 inch version with hydraulic disk brakes and had it recently serviced. I do riding in the city and there are some rough roads with ditches, gravel , pits - kind of like light trail. I have been using a Bontrager helmet and I am looking at replacing it. I am...
  3. General Discussion
    Just bought a Fox Dropframe pro helmet and while playing around with the removable pads I noticed several small dents and scratches in the protective foam. Is that something normal or is it a sign of damage?
  4. Apparel and Protection
    I was pretty tired coming home from a session and threw my helmet lining into the washer. Problem is that i didn’t know it just anhiliates your helmet lining. Now i’m stuck with a torn lining and I can’t find any replacement parts online, the only one seems to be for the non-MIPs version. Any...
  5. Apparel and Protection
    Hi there! I'm in the market for a new MIPS helmet since the one I own is almost 10 years old (stopped riding a few years ago, so it doesn't have much use, but I still need to replace it). The short version is that I ride both gravel and mtb bikes, but in non-technical terrains for the most part...
  6. Apparel and Safety Gear
    Troy Lee Carbon Fiber D4 mountain bike helmet size Medium. Very lightly used. Looks brand new! The only reason I'm selling is because I bought it a size too small. Love the helmet, just need the next size up.
    $325 USD
  7. Rider Down, injuries and recovery
    So I've heard a helmet is good for one crash then needs to be replaced. I have a full face TLD D3 Fiberlite and took a nice spill OTB on a 10ft jump at Mountain Creek Bike Park. Appears the impact and only damage is to the visor, so I'm just wondering if it's necessary to replace. Thx!
  8. Apparel and Protection
    Hi all I am new here and seeking for help.. Recently I just brought an bell super DH size M as I measure my head is about 56.5 cm, Forehead and back area I able to adjust and get it fit by retention system, however, the helmet is likely too low at the ear side, result my ear have pressure...
  9. Apparel and Protection
    Hi folks, I just bought a Vitus Sentier VR 27 hardtail bike. I'll be biking on dirt trails here in Illinois. I'm looking for an inexpensive helmet but one that works well or has a very good owner reviews. Can you please post names of helmet products? Thank you!
  10. Apparel and Protection
    Hey All, Has anyone else had issues with their Specialized helmet coming off during an accident, or with the plastic fit system breaking or coming loose from the helmet?
  11. News & Reviews
    What is it The Bell Sixer is an all mountain bike helmet with MIPS protection. The Sixer's shell is very robust compared to similar helmets and coverage is better than most. This half-shell targets aggressive all mountain riders that are not ready for a chin bar. Pluses Virtually...
  12. General Discussion
    On August 26, EWS racer Marco Osborne was competing in the Northstar California Enduro Series with a firm grasp on a podium spot duking it out with world-class racers Richie Rude and Curtis Keene. On the stage 4 finish line though, he went very big on the final jump and things went awry. What...
  13. Apparel and Protection
    Editor's Note: This test was conducted by Mtbr contributor Jeremy Kipp, who is also the lead shop mechanic at Big Al's Bicycle Heaven in Crested Butte, Colorado. What is it In 2017, Mtbr reviewed (and loved) the Leatt DBX 3.0 trail helmet. The one knock for budget-minded riders? Price. MSRP of...
  14. Apparel and Protection
    What is it The Bontrager Rally MIPS is redesigned for 2018 using a Boa closure and a magnetic Blendr mount, while still managing to drop 30-50 grams depending on size. With a MIPS liner and extended coverage at the back of the helmet, it's ready for rowdy riding. The adjustable visor is...
  15. General Discussion
    Rudy Project, an Italian maker of cycling helmets and eyewear, has announced a new mountain-bike specific helmet and performance sunglasses combo for 2018. The new mountain bike helmet is dubbed the Protera, while the new mountain bike-specific sunglasses are called the Sintryx and feature a new...
  16. General Discussion
    Last summer Mtbr reviewed (and loved) the Leatt DBX 3.0 trail helmet. The one knock for budget-minded riders? Price. MSRP of the DBX 3.0 is $170. But now there's an option for those who'd rather spend a little less. Meet the Leatt DBX 2.0, which shares many of the same features as the 3.0, but...
  17. General Discussion
    Giant is expanding its lineup of performance helmets with two new models featuring the MIPS brain protection system. The Rail SX MIPS trail helmet and Rev Comp MIPS road helmet both represent an evolution of popular models developed with input from Giant pro racers. For off-road riders and...
  18. General Discussion
    Created with technology and input from its professional riders and teams, POC has launched the Coron Air Carbon SPIN. The Swedish protection specialists are call the new brain protector a highly ventilated and lightweight DH and enduro specific full-face helmet. The multi-impact helmet was...
1-18 of 140 Results