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  1. News & Reviews
    Santa Cruz has issued a recall of model year 2022 Heckler 9 electric mountain bikes. Read on for the full recall release. Name of Product: Santa Cruz Bicycles 2022 Heckler 9 Electric Bicycles Hazard: The latch mechanism that holds the battery in place can malfunction, causing the battery to...
  2. eBikes
    Santa Cruz Heckler CC Carbon S MX 2021 S Build MX Mixed Wheelset Large Frame Size Excellent Condition No damage Suspension Full Travel 140mm rear, 140mm front Frame CC Carbon Fork Rock Shox Pike Select Wheels 29” Front 27.5” Rear Groupset GX Eagle, Shimano Motor Shimano 250W...
    $7,400 USD
  3. Video, Photography, and POV Cameras
    I just got my hands on the new @Santa Cruz Bicycles Heckler e-mtb and took it for a wee adventure at home in Scotland. #DannyMacaskill #WhatTheHeck #Santacruzebike More information at: Music: Track 1: Eamonn Coyne & Kris Drever - Ceapaval - courtesy of...
  4. E-Bikes
    Earlier today, Santa Cruz unveiled it's first e-mountain bike, the Heckler. The name may be old, stretching back to the earliest days of the brand in the '90s, but the bike is a modern e-mountain bike based on the Bronson frame platform. Related: First Ride - Santa Cruz Heckler E-Bike Related...
  5. General Discussion
    Santa Cruz joins the e-mountain bike movement In the timeline of every movement, there are key points that mark its adoption and acceptance. In the e-bike movement, we consider the introduction of this Santa Cruz Heckler to be one of those moments in time. Why? Because Santa Cruz, although not...
  6. 27.5
    Introduction by Francis Cebedo Santa Cruz announced another bike today and it's the venerable Heckler. It features 27.5" wheels, 150mm of travel, fancy colors and the knockout punch is it's actually affordable. Until today, 27.5" bikes in general have been coveted by many but out of reach for...
  7. Santa Cruz
    Hey guys-I'm considering a used Heckler from a Craigslist ad, and wondering if it looks like a good deal. It's listed as an '08, but it looks like an '07 or '06 to me-thoughts on that? He's asking $1300. This would be my first FS bike, so I'm not real knowledgeable about all the components. Here...
  8. a few feet of air

    heckler, small jump
  9. heckler small jump

    this is a very small jump I hit on my heckler today when I happened to have a camera handy
  10. Heckler

    Photos of my just finished build (10/15/07). 2005 Santa Cruz Heckler- -Manitou Sherman Flick Plus 150/110mm Fork, 20mm thru axle, -Manitou Swinger 3-way SPV rear shock -Supergo Launch FR 20mm wheelset -WTB Weirwolf 2.35" -Deore LX Rear Der. -Deore Front Der. -Specialized Rockhopper Crankset, C
  11. Heckler 07

    Heckler 07
  12. Creamsicle

    A Specialized bar on a Santa Cruz????? Blasphemy!!!!! Heretic!!!!!
  13. Creamsicle

    Wasn't this clean for long.
  14. Creamsicle

    Before the 2007 style sticker upgrade
  15. Got Gap?

    Brett clearing a nice gap on PL
  16. Siiiick!!!

    Whoo Hoo!
  17. Two Hecklers do make a Right!

    another beautiful Colorado day, with buds & Budz.
  18. Heckler on Red Run

    Just finished riding Red Run in Slatyfork, WV.
  19. Trans Red Heckler

    R-Disc Kit with Hayes HFX-9, Fox V125RLC, Progressive 5th Element Coil and 2.4 Mutanoraptors. 31 lbs.
1-19 of 19 Results