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  1. Beginner's Corner
    Hi there, I've bought a new frame Sonder Cortex and I'm trying to install the headset (zs44 zs56), but for some reason, I can't insert it with my hands, do I need a headset press or the headset is incompatible? Headset: Tbest Fahrrad-Headset, CNC ZS44/ZS56 Fahrrad aus Aluminiumlegierung mit...
  2. Specialized
    Hi all, Nerd question here. Building an sworks frame and it comes with a new kind of steerer tube spacer that I haven't seen before that integrates the headset cap into the spacer. The upside is that it looks sweet and minimizes the number of 'parts' in the stack which looks great. The downside...
  3. Misc Components
    Hi, I have noticed problem with my bike that fork tube was sticking up too much and fork was kinda sitting too deep in headset and amout of stock headset spacers was not enought to compress headset. After some investigation I found that my headset bottom cup ot broken in half and fork dived...
  4. Beginner's Corner
    I recently got this fork which came with a converter(?). This is a stock fork from a Giant Talon. Can you remove that part so that it could be installed to a new headset? or do you need the existing headset from the previous bike to make the fork work?
  5. General Discussion
    As all-season, all-conditions riders the team at Wolf Tooth Components understand the value of a high-quality, high-performance headset. After two years development, Wolf Tooth's new range of Precision Headsets deliver tight-tolerance U.S. manufacturing, best-in-class sealing, and high-quality...
  6. Santa Cruz
    Hey guys, In the process of degreasing/cleaning some bits on the Blur, I must have gotten some stuff into the headset, end result it being really stiff, and now looser, but notchy. Is the service of this any different to a normal headset? Does anyone have the dimensions of replacement...
  7. Trek
    Hello all, Which size (diameter) is the head tube on 2010-2011 Cobias? I have seen where Cane Creek makes a headset for 44mm ID tubes that will allow the use of a tapered fork. Will this work with the Cobia?
  8. General Discussion
    FLETCHER, NC - JUNE 14, 2010 - As riders have stretched the limits of what is possible on a mountain bike, they've begun to realize a need to fine-tune geometry to meet the challenges of the trail. Cane Creek is proud to introduce the AngleSet, a threadless headset that gives users the ability...
  9. General Discussion
    I have had the Cane Creek 110 IS on my Ibis Mojo for a year now, and it has been abused through mud, snow and rain, and has been subjected to constant rocky and bone jarring conditions. It has worked so well that I have pretty much forgotten that it was even on the bike. It has remained smooth...
  10. How to properly ifx your headset

    My buddy broke the top cap on his headset, and it needed to be adjusted. Loosen stem, tighten rachet straps, and tighten stem. Worked perfectly
  11. Drool factor High.

    Chris King Ti Nothreadset
1-11 of 11 Results