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  1. For Sale
    Hayes Dominion A4 Brakeset for Front and Rear in excellent condition in the beautiful bronze colorway. One of the best brakes available, super powerful with excellent modulation. Included: Front and Rear Brakeset, rear lever is disconnected for routing through frame ($250 ea. new) 2) New 203mm...
    $425 USD
  2. Brakes
    Looking for early Hayes mag g1 with 22mm direct mount caliper Thanks
  3. Brake Time
    New problem with these Hayes Dominion A4 brakes. Had them for a few months and they felt great but the rear lever always felt a tiny bit soft. Went to bleed them today and the bleed was quite tricky with lots of air getting into the system from what I thought was the lever bleed screw. After...
  4. Brake Time
    Hello, I'm looking for a brake with very good power, but more importanty, I want the lever to have extremely minimal movement before braking, also known as free stroke. For some reason, i absolutely love that feel of the immediate response. I have ridden XT 8120 and that's the best I have felt...
  5. Brake Time
    I need some advise. I need to know if any brake lines will work with the Hayes dominion. I called every shop around me. Wasn’t expecting anything. And everything and I mean everything is out for about a month. Even online. They say the k2 line is what your supposed to use. But I was wondering if...
  6. Brake Time
    Very old brakes and can't get the master cylinder seals now but otherwise I'd like to keep them - but the rubber around the bleed port has detached risking a small leak. Happy to bodge these and can think of a few ways but just in case someone had experience of doing the same. I'm using dot 4...
  7. Brake Time
    Hey folks, So I've been riding a pair of Hayes Ryde hydraulic 160mm for the past 3 months or so and I've noticed that the braking power has faded quite a bit, even after having them bled and had the pads changed. Also, the power is on and off, one minute I'll be riding and their decently...
  8. 2008 Hayes Stroker Trail

    2008 Hayes Stroker Trail, available summer 2007.
  9. 2007 HBG Trailer Graphics

    2007 HBG trailer graphics, Hayes, Manitou, Sun Ringle', Wheelsmith
  10. New Chain

    I put a new chain on the Jericho and she was looking so purty I just had to take a pitcher.
  11. Hayes Crew getting supplies

    They really love their beer in Wisconsin!!!!
  12. PeteSpeed Gear Box

    The PeteSpeed gear box, as seen in the Hayes booth. Evidently, Hayes is looking to diversify their bike component offerings.
  13. Hayes El Camino

    The new Hayes El Camino disc brake.
  14. Hayes Power!

    The power control knob on the new Hayes El Camino disc brakes.
1-20 of 23 Results