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  1. Vintage, Retro, Classic
    Hello, my father has an old GT Karakoram in the shed I am trying to convert into a coaster brake cruiser. Looking for new black 26” coaster brake wheels that will fit 26x2.5 maxxis hookworm tires. I cannot find the specs for this bike online. Asking for guidance on a pair of wheels that would...
  2. GT
    Custom BUDGET SS Aluminum GT Frame build-up So I had this frame left over from my last build and I've been itching to build an SS for a while, so here is my documented build. I'm really trying to do this on a budget this time, and like I did last time I will be sure to post the prices and...
  3. Vintage, Retro, Classic
    Hi all, I'm new to the forum and I saw you guys got some nices skills and knowledge about bike and GT's ones. I just came back today from my old mate who's owning a part-time bike repair shop as a hobby and have quite a lot of treasures sleeping back in the shed where he daily receive frames...
1-3 of 3 Results