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  1. GT
    Hi, So i have been offered a GT Avalanche at a reasonable price. I asked the seller to measure it and he came back with a 22inch measurement from the centre of the BB to the top of the seat tube ? That seems to be huge ? I am 5ft 11 and usually ride a 56cm road bike. Also i only have one photo...
  2. GT Avalanche LE - 1997

    my GT hardtail...
  3. 1997 GT Avalanche rebuild

    Nice frame updated with 2004 components. Skareb Platinum, King hubs/headset, Easton monkeylite bars, Ritchey stem, Stylo SS cranks;33 chainring, Avid front disk, Avid single digit 7 rear, FSA post, Sram x.9 rear mech, Sram x.9 trigger shifter. Rides nice and smooth.
1-3 of 3 Results