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  1. Misc Components
    The cassette is milled from a solid steel block and forged into shape (click to enlarge). Why an e-bike-specific group? We'll just get to the heart of the matter and ask/answer that question. No, it is not required, as e-bikes can manage out there with any old drivetrain, brakes, and...
  2. Misc Components
    The new SLX group is quite the bargain at $928, and the powerful brakes, durability, great gearing options and good shifting, make for an excellent package. Last year, Shimano revamped the SLX group, and it got trickle down technology from the XT and XTR product lineups. SLX has always been...
  3. Ribbon Trail

    Looking down on the crew from one of the more technical sections of the Ribbon Trail, after the heinous climb, about half way into the ride.Thanks again, Eric! Even though that climb really sucked, I can't stop thinking about that trail. I need to get back there and shoot lots more pictures!
1-3 of 3 Results