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  1. General Discussion
    Following stops in Moab and Angle Fire, New Mexico, the Scott Enduro Cup race series is headed to Powderhorn Mountain Resort in Mesa, Colorado, July 28. One of Colorado's newest bike parks, Powderhorn features lift-served trails with big jumps, technical rock gardens, and high speed singletrack...
  2. Passion
    Yep, more photos... Sorry about the wasted time and bandwidth... Tuesday the bike path on the Colorado River had a bit of water on it. This was the day that the river was to crest: Wednesday the river was higher: At the boat ramp parking lot: Self explanatory: These next two...
  3. Passion
    Some fun over the last week. And I might add more photos tonight, from the kids' ride.... That might mean making cookies. So it has been a week, and so I will start with the kids' ride. It's just a bunch of us folks that have decided that we ought to get kids outside and on bikes. Doesn't...
  4. Ribbon Trail

    Looking down on the crew from one of the more technical sections of the Ribbon Trail, after the heinous climb, about half way into the ride.Thanks again, Eric! Even though that climb really sucked, I can't stop thinking about that trail. I need to get back there and shoot lots more pictures!
  5. Gene - Waterfall

    Gene drops in on the Waterfall section of the Ribbon trail. This is the same section that we were all so awed to watch Eric clean. Gene was the only other one to hit it - and he was on a 50 lb Astrix hucker. He hit it a lot faster than Eric, fast enough that he had to put a foot down on the corner j
  6. The Riboon - Eric

    Eric, our guide on the Ribbon Trail, outside Grand Junction. He rules on his 29er SS. He cleaned technical stuff that guys on beefy trail bikes wouldn't even try (me).
  7. Freak Riders

  8. Matt on EW

    techy spot on Eagles Wing, GJ, CO
  9. Kirk on EW

    Eagles Wing, GJ, CO
  10. 112_1226_1

    Eagles Wing Trail, GJ, CO
1-11 of 11 Results