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  1. Cinelli Hottie

    SF bike hipster hotness with a side of Cinelli.
  2. Kathy Pruitt

    Jamis pro downhill racer, Kathy Pruitt. Kathy took third in the world finals this year.
  3. My girl getting better 2

    Pedernales falls, Texas. Fun 7 mile ride with the family.
  4. Jericho Frame Wiener

    Josh Ogle (on the right) with the talent contest winner. She made animal sounds (watch it!) for a decisive win and a beautiful Jericho steel frame.
  5. Ken in KC

    He was there. Here he is with a foxy mama I assume must be his other ride. Can I actually say that? Well, I just did. Ex-Sportworks Eric was trying to make moves on her. But I don't think it worked.
  6. Good Marketing

    Soulcraft ladies during the pro/expert XC race.
  7. Fox on the Trail

    XC honey on the book cliffs, in Fruita. If there's a honey on the trail, does that make it a honey trail?
  8. Party Patrol

    Party babes on the move, at the Kona/IMBA freeride bowling party/benefit.
  9. Gareth

    Gareth Dyer, pretending he's too cool for the admiring Marzocchi girl behind him.
  10. Cheerleaders

    I'm not really sure what they were cheering for, but these young ladies were walking the floor and showing some spirit.
  11. I Love Santa Cruz!

    I love Santa Cruz because girls like Jaylee live there. I like to go ride UCSC, then go downtown to get some Peats coffee and watch the little ladies strut their stuff. Santa Cruz rules! Thanks to Santa Cruz for bringing their sweet bikes, and for making the show a little prettier by having Jaylee
  12. SRAM Girl

    One of the lovely SRAM girls, tagging some dude's neck. Why, you ask? Ummmm, some sort of contest. Can't remember the details.
  13. Amber Throop - Sport Junior

    Richie Nova Junior team member, Amber Throop, during Sunday's short track national finals.
  14. Utopia Bikini Wash

    Genius - having scantily-clad girls wash bikes for tips at a mountain bike event. Whoever is in charge at Utopia definitely understands marketing.
  15. The Sock

    Penny "The Sock", aka Mrs. Slartibartifest, hustling it up Hurl Hill, on Sunday morning.
  16. Singlespeed Girl

    Everybody sing along:Singlespeed girl, pushing it up Hurl Hill, isn't she pretty, with her rigid fork and and big smile.Thank you. Good night!
1-17 of 17 Results