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  1. giant mcm shot 5 hayes brakes

    customized hayes brakes
  2. giant mcm shot 4

    side shot of giant mcm 980
  3. giant mcm shot 3

    another shot of modified rear suspension of giant mcm 980
  4. giant mcm shot 2

    modified rear suspension of giant mcm 980 side shot 1
  5. Giant MCM 980 AT SPEEEED!

    high speed sliding on board Giant mcm 980 in Paarl,South Africa. PLEASE COMMENT ON PHOTO!! :)
  6. 1997 Giant mcm 980 D

    showa front shock(10,5' travel) rear rock shox rst shock(combind travel 9,5') customized hayes brakes azonic love couch seat maxxis 2,7' rear tire gazzaloddi 3,0' front tire bb clearence 15' carbon mainframe Lx,Xt groupset DX 32 rims VP batwing flat pedals red L.E.D's everywhere on frame with swit
1-6 of 6 Results