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  1. General Discussion
    Anybody riding a 2014 X Caliber these days. Or perhaps any Gary Fisher Hardtail 29er, 27.5, or 26 from generation? I’m have a 2014 X Cal 6 heavily upgraded-fork, wheels, handlebar, brakes, etc...
  2. Vintage, Retro, Classic
    Hi, I'm UK based and looking for a little bit of help from the Fisher lovers out there, I have a bike that I've had for a few years and I have been questioning it's origins since it came into my possession, story is after spotting a completely different bike over here I did a little research on...
  3. Video, Photography, and POV Cameras
    Gary Fisher, Charlie Kelly among the originals featured on network show Other than starting with the letter "r," the mountain bike events known as Repack and Rampage have little to do with each other. Though the latter-a modern day, energy drink-infused spectacle televised by...
  4. 29er Bikes
    29er With Gary Fisher's Personal Touch The Cold Hard Facts: Well depending on how you look at it, the fact that the Gary Fisher brand is no more is either good news or bad news. While it could be argued that all this really means is a change in the stickers adorning the downtube of said...
  5. 29er Bikes
    Introduction: Gary Fisher invited a handful of journalists to Park City Utah to try out their new offerings. Timing was a bit odd with the event happening less than two weeks before Interbike. "They must have a story to tell." I thought. And there is a story indeed. It is one of development...
  6. General Discussion
    Press Release - Gary Fisher will be at the Salzkammergut Trophy again! During the 2007 Salzkammergut Trophy Gary Fisher received a pair of "Goiserer" as a present which he has not collected yet! Well it's time to pick them up - so on July 18, 2009 he will not only come for another shoe...
  7. General Discussion
    Trek World 2009, a mini-interbike for Trek brands to introduce local bike shop owners and managers to their new offerings is underway in Waterloo this week. At an event called "Backstage" began, where Trek flew in regular shop guys to get a sneak preview of what's to come in 2009. RoadBikeReview...
  8. General Discussion
    Back in 2001 Gary Fisher had a crazy notion. He and a couple other non-traditionalists were messing with 29" wheeled mountain bikes. It was a fringe concept at the time. Fast forward seven years and 29ers are the hottest thing going in the mountain bike world. With Fisher's legacy in 29ers and...
  9. My Wife & her HiFi

    Lindsey on her HiFi, Palmer Park, CO.
  10. Gary Fisher Sugar 3 Plus

    Top of China Camp Nike Missle Site
  11. Fat PossumXO

    My wife's Fisher FatPossumXO.
  12. Nomad & Possum

    My wife's Fisher, and my Nomad.
  13. GAry Fisher for paint

    We are powdercoating frames and this is the 1st test subject , a 99 aquila. It looks bad but just wait, come back soon for an update
  14. 2002 Marlin

    My upgraded 2002 Gary Fisher Marlin
  15. Upgraded Fisher Advance

    Okay, it's a not so great frame, but the parts will go on to the next frame: FSA V-Drive crank, K-Force Light post, Sun Ringle platforms, Cane Creek Aeroheat wheels, Fire XC Pro's, EXR Pro Coil fork, Forte saddle, LX shifters, XT rear derailleur, SRAM 9sp cassette, GT 1" riser bar. Custom handmade v
  16. Gary Fisher and the Anti-29er.

    Gary Fisher samples the 20 inch sweetness of the Burro bike.
  17. Liam Killeen

    Team Subaru-Gary Fisher pro, Liam Killeen, pushes it hard at the top of the hill, during Saturday's pro short track race.
1-18 of 18 Results