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  1. Jay Hoots and Shaums Over Whistler

    Jay Hoots and Shaums March checking out the view of Whistler Village from way up on the new Garbanzo expansion.
  2. Whistler - No Joke

    Unknown rider on a steep tree section on No Joke, part of the new Whistler Garbanzo expansion.
  3. Shaums March and Jay Hoots at Whistler

    Shaums March and Jay Hoots of Norco, testing out Original Sin trail the day after the new Whistler Garbanzo expansion opened.
  4. No Joke - Whistler

    Steep stuff on No Joke, in the new upper section at Whistler Bike Park.
  5. Whistler Freshy

    Fresh berms on No Joke, part of the new Garbanzo Expansion at Whistler Bike Park.
1-5 of 5 Results