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  1. Passion
    Some fun over the last week. And I might add more photos tonight, from the kids' ride.... That might mean making cookies. So it has been a week, and so I will start with the kids' ride. It's just a bunch of us folks that have decided that we ought to get kids outside and on bikes. Doesn't...
  2. Passion
    A couple trails. One is iconic, one is just down the street from my house, but well known. The first trail was so much fun and at I quit taking photos at some point so I could just fly. I'll be going back to get more photos soon, and I'll start up higher. Saturday started with this view...
  3. 08 Fruita

    Bob in fruita
  4. Zippidy

    Fruita Rides 2007
  5. Horse theif bench

    Fruita Rides 2007
  6. Jason Drake Zippidy

    Fruita Rides 2007
  7. Zippety Do Dah

    Lower Zippety outside Fruita, Colorado
  8. Does Moab

    Francis representing for RBR, on Amasa Back, in Moab, on our way out to Fruita.
  9. Jericho Frame Wiener

    Josh Ogle (on the right) with the talent contest winner. She made animal sounds (watch it!) for a decisive win and a beautiful Jericho steel frame.
  10. Ken in KC

    He was there. Here he is with a foxy mama I assume must be his other ride. Can I actually say that? Well, I just did. Ex-Sportworks Eric was trying to make moves on her. But I don't think it worked.
  11. Rustler's

    Obligatory DR1 photo, at the overlook on Rustler's, in the Kokopelli trail network.
  12. Gooseberry Parking Lot

    Most beautiful parking lot in the world. Really.
  13. Hurl

    Proud tobacco smoker and the man behind Cars-R-Coffins, Hurl.
  14. Clunker Crit

    Some Clunker Crit action. What I want to know is, did that suit come all the way from Minneapolis, just for the Clunker Crit? Or was it purchased spontaneously, at Fruita's local thrift store?
1-20 of 47 Results