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  1. California - Norcal
    Do rangers regularly patrol Fremont Older at night after closing? What's the likelihood of getting caught by rangers if I go to Hunter's Point from Regnart at night on a weekday?
  2. California - Norcal
    I am new to biking and have so many questions and fears, not sure where to begin. I just bought a new Stumpjumper and want to get out there and ride. I live in Fremont, Ca, are there any groups that I can ride with(found some on meetup but they are not active). Where can I learn some basic skills?
  3. California - Norcal
    So I have not been to Fremont Older for ages, but I went Friday for old times sake. This Is the place I learned to ride, lost 75 lbs and it also has some fun stuff and killer views. It was cool to see how much I have progressed as a rider. I reminisced on all the climbs that use to be hard...
1-3 of 3 Results