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  1. E-Bikes
    As the title says. Has anyone of you fixed the cassette on your e-bikes? Since the motor crank has a freewheel, with a fixed cassette I could change gears without the need to pedal. I'm a bit worried if the stress on the spokes is too much for this, at least on an e bike.
  2. Drivetrain
    1. Shimano list the mtf 510 freewheel as a higher corrosion resistence mtf 500, but it doesnt seem to have much availability in the UK anyone know something about this? 2. Is the altus rear derailluer certified SIS compaitable? Does anyone have a suggestion for the crankside drive system for...
  3. the distancer are

    ball bearing parts
  4. Phil Wood Love

    My lovely new singlespeed hub, with tasty 19 tooth White Industries freewheel.
1-4 of 4 Results