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  1. Shocks and Suspension
    Hi I have a Lyrik RC2 MY2019, which I had since 2018. When HC97 was released, I jumped on that straight away. Same for Secus, got it as soon as it got in stock "locally". I have been quite satisfied with the HC97, although I have noticed it not being very sensitive for smaller trail chatter...
  2. Shocks and Suspension
    Hi all, I have a Giant Trance with the 150mm Rockshox RL35 Gold fork which appears to be universally panned. I have been looking for a cheap upgrade and came across a 160mm Rockshox Pike RC from 2016. The 10mm travel increase doesn't bother me, but I just don't know enough about fork technology...
  3. Shocks and Suspension
    I have a performance elite fox 36 with a grip2 damper. I'd like to put this in my Fox 34 Factory that currently has a FIT4. Is this possible? Or are they entirely different?
  4. Shocks and Suspension
    Hello! I'm looking to bump up my 2019 fox 36 from 160mm to 170mm. I heard they tweaked the air spring for the 2021 model. Does anyone know if I can put the 2021 170mm airshaft in my 2019 Fork? Thanks
  5. General Discussion
    Here's a simple and affordable gift option for the holiday season. FOX is now offering new special edition decal kits in 15 popular colorways. Price is $25 and the kits include fork and shock decals to fit almost every FOX fork and shock model. There are specific decals for 32, 34, 36, and 40...
  6. Shocks and Suspension
    If any of you out there are having creaking/popping issues with your Fox forks don't be afraid to call up Fox for an RA number, take my case as anecdotal evidence. About two months after purchasing my Trek Scratch the 36 Van R it came with started popping and creaking from the CSU. I wasn't...
  7. General Discussion
    Reviewed by Brian Mullin I have been thoroughly enjoying the last couple of months testing the new 2011 Fox 36 TALAS 160 FIT RLC fork. It has been bashed, trashed and tossed into as many rugged conditions as possible, and it has turned out to be a light, stable...
1-10 of 10 Results