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  1. Fort Ebey Trail Map

    This is a free map they had at the rangers station. It even has the local trails that feed into the park. There was more than enough trails to keep me occupied for the whole weekend.
  2. Fort Ebey

    This is the Watertower trail. There was an old watertower at the top of the hill.
  3. Fort Ebey

    I don't remember which trail this was but it was steep. I hadn't ridden a real trail in years, I'm stuck in Fl. I went out to Washington on buisness. We don't have hills in Fl.
  4. Fort Ebey

    This is down by the gun battery overlook. Looking to the west-southwest towards the Olympic mountains.
  5. Fort Ebey

    I think this was on the Raiders Creek Trail. I started uphill of course on a half mile downhill ride. It was awesome going the other way.
1-5 of 5 Results