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  1. Southeast/Midsouth - GA, TN, AL, FL, MS, LA, AR
    This was the inaugural MTB race at Central Florida's Markham Woods Trail held on 5/8 2021.
  2. Trail Building and Advocacy
    We are in planning stages & working out the permission components with Seminole County. Most Florida trails are largely XC and I’m looking for more. What can we learn from Bentonville that we can apply here if we can’t raise enough funds to hire a professional trail builder? My questions are...
  3. Video, Photography, and POV Cameras
    Check out the latest video from Jeff Lenosky's Trail Boss Series, this time coming to you from Lithia, Florida, southeast of Tampa Bay. In this episode Jeff checks out the Ridgeline Trail at the Boyette Bike Park. As he explains in the video, there's nothing overly technical here. But it still...
  4. Entrada al trail

    Entrada localizada al lado izquierdo del parque.
  5. Florida Single Track

    Como pueden ver, estaba falto de mantenimiento el dia que fui. El single track se torno en pura maleza.
1-5 of 5 Results