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  1. E-Bikes
    As the title says. Has anyone of you fixed the cassette on your e-bikes? Since the motor crank has a freewheel, with a fixed cassette I could change gears without the need to pedal. I'm a bit worried if the stress on the spokes is too much for this, at least on an e bike.
  2. Singlespeed
    Quick question from a converted roadie. When I ran singlespeed on my road bike it was a fixed gear. Does anybody ride fixed on a mtb or am I out to lunch? Nate
  3. Singlespeed
    Let's see what you guys are riding.... I've been cruisng the "fixed" search threads, but thought it would be cool to see all the bikes in one thread :) I'm a bit late to the fixed mountain bike party, but here's mine to get the ball rolling: Steve
  4. fixxed1

    because I'm too lazy to shift.
  5. Fixed Gear Pista

    Pista the way bikes are made to be ridden
  6. Phil Wood Love

    Serious F-in Bike Jewelry! Polished fixed gear hubs from Phil Wood.
  7. fixietrain

  8. fixiedark

  9. Bad Weather Fixie

    Old Fisher frame,chain a little slacker than I'm comfortable with, ghetto disc hub fixie conversion. 46/18
1-9 of 9 Results