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  1. General Discussion
    Several mountain bikers attempt to beat down the flames with brush which ultimately failed to stop the spread of the fire. Photo courtesy of ORF TVTHEK Most of us know how hot disc brake rotors can get on long downhill descents. Some of us even have the burn scars to prove it. But according to...
  2. General Discussion
    Seeing your local forest like this can be devastating. Photo courtesy of Tamba In 2007, the Angora Fire destroyed 250 homes along with a beautiful forest and trail network. 10 years later, the trails have risen from the ashes. See how along with the Forest Service and countless...
  3. New Mexico
    Looks to be to the southwest of Los Alamos. Anyone know anything?
  4. General Discussion
    (photo courtesy of Dave Pawlak, With a career as dangerous as DH mountain bike racing, Mark Weir has had many close calls. But even the worst of these is nothing compared to what Mark endured two days after Christmas. Mark and his wife and son escaped a very serious house...
  5. Waterval Boven August 2007

    Some of these flames get really high, even in grassland. Scary
  6. Waterval Boven August 2007

    Luckily we kept it away from camp
  7. Waterval Boven August 2007

    Fires burning at Waterval Boven
  8. 2005 Angel Fire XC Race

    Almost finished - and indeed it was tight & twisty - and FAST!
1-8 of 8 Results